What if it’s raining or snowing? Hot or cold? Will you still take my dog out? What if there is severe weather on the day my dog is scheduled?
We operate in all types of weather include in rain, snow, wind, sunshine, heat, and cold! During the summer, pools are offered for the dogs to keep cool and during the winder snuggles and warm-up trips in the car keep them toasty! However, if there is severe weather happening, we may have to make the difficult decision to change or alter services. We will do our best to notify Guardians at least 12 hours prior to when Perfect Paws will close via e-mail. All scheduled services will be rescheduled for a later date.During the school year, if Newton Public Schools are closed due to weather (and only for weather), we will be closed as well. Safety is our number one concern for your pet and our staff. If we feel that the weather is too dangerous to let your pet out, we will call and notify you immediately. In case of dangerous road conditions, we may need to adjust service times and pick-up/drop-off times. In this case, we will notify you of any changes to the day’s schedule. If unsafe conditions happen at our park location, we may take your pup for a nice nature walk instead!

Will my pet get dirty?
If you have signed up for any of our outdoor services, your dog will most likely get dirty at one point or another, especially on rainy or muddy days. It just means that they played hard and had tons of fun! Our staff will always do their very best to clean up dirty pets before returning them home. You can expect your pet to be rinsed off if he/she is particularly dirty and always towel-dried, brushed-out, and given an aromatherapy conditioning spray for their coat!

Are you open on holidays?
We are closed during all National holidays, but we still offer boarding.

What does my pet need to become a client? Does he/she need Flea & Tick Preventative? What about vaccines? Do you take intact dogs?
If you’re a new client, please send us an email at perfectpaws.schedule@gmail.com and we’ll send you our service packet complete with all the paperwork you’ll need to fill out. We’ll also get you set up for a Meet-N-Greet which allows you to get to know us and see our facility and allows us to get to know your dog so we can fit him/her into appropriate services and groups! We also require that all dogs in our care have their rabies, distemper, and bordatella vaccines before they enter into our facility or program. We highly recommend that your dog have the Flu vaccine as well as flea and tick preventative, but we do not require these. We take dogs that are either fixed or intact!

How do I know my pet is being cared for properly?
Our staff is fully trained and certified in Pet CPR & First Aid. They are also trained to run obedience group-training sessions throughout the day and to properly run and monitor playgroups. Staff members help to pair your pup with healthy playmates, encourage proper play techniques, and make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise throughout the day. Aside from our staff’s credentials, we always give the utmost care and love to each and every pet we care for. Your pet will receive a Communication Log at the end of every day explaining how much fun they had, who they played with, and what training we worked on. We want you and Fido to always feel safe and comfortable with our staff. Please email us to set up a Meet-N-Greet where you and your dog can come and meet our amazing team!

I have a small dog, will they be safe in daycare?                                                                    
Some small dogs enjoy running with the large dogs, but just in case, we have a special area for the little ones to romp with his/her smaller friends. It is up to you and your dog if he/she wants to play with the large or small dogs. Many of our smaller dogs also opt for small doggie daycare where there are plenty of playmates their size!

Do you offer your services to older pets? What about pets with special needs?                                                                             
Yes! All ages and abilities are welcome here at Perfect Paws! It just depends on the specific needs of your Distinguished Old Man/Lady. Older or special-needs pets will be placed in appropriate play groupings or if they like to relax alone they will have plenty of opportunities to do so. Our staff is also trained to handle animals with special medical concerns such as allergies, anxiety, epilepsy, hearing/vision loss, mobility impairments, or other disabilities.