“Janie is an exceptional trainer. We tried other well respected trainers before we met Janie, and she is by far the best. She has a calm, gentle manner with our dog and she has been very helpful and patient when teaching our young children how to interact with him. Janie not only understands dogs incredibly well, but she also understands the needs of dog owners and their families. Even though my dog is well trained, he continues to participate in Janie’s dog playgroups so that he remains well socialized and so that we all get to see Janie regularly!”
Newton, MA.
“We were reluctant to leave our 10 month old puppy for an entire week….but once we met Janie we were totally comfortable. While we were away, Janie texted us and sent us photos of our dog each day. She also worked on training issues so we returned to a very happy and more obedient puppy!”

Needham, MA.
“Whether Finn is with Perfect Paws for an afternoon playgroup, or for home boarding, he always returns happy, playful and well-behaved. The mere mention of anyone that works at Perfect Paws gets his tail wagging! Perfect Paws is totally committed to the dogs and treats them as their own.”

Newton, MA
I call Janie “my angels that fell out of the sky into the isle at Petco.” I just got my Labradoodle puppy and didn’t know what to get for her. Over walks Janie to pat her and my questions came blurting out. She took the time to explain things to me and in turn I ended up hiring her. And what a blessing she is. Janie’s skill with dogs is magical. Her love unending and her teachings are perfection. She is always there for me. She is remarkably dependable, and when unable to fulfill her obligation a professional substitute is there to cover for her. I think that the dog Gods were watching out for me the day I met her. How lucky I am to have found her and my Gracie just loves her!”

Chestnut Hill, MA
“If dogs could talk, mine would say ‘yippee!’ each time she goes with Perfect Paws. For daycare, home boarding, walks, or playgroups, Perfect Paws has always provided wonderful service. I know that my precious pup not only receives exercise and socialization but more importantly, she is loved.”
Newton, MA
“Perfect Paws offers a truly caring environment. They are hands on and very much in control. They really know how to handle all breeds of dogs and children for that matter. Her rates are competitive and fair for everything they have to offer. They really treat your pet as if he/she was their own.”

Newton, MA
“What I love most about my experience using Perfect Paws, is that Zoe is lovingly cared for in the comfort of a home, rather than in a cage at a kennel. I like the fact that she does activities with the dogs and has always been very accommodating and flexible to my needs. I highly recommend Perfect Paws.”
Chestnut Hill, MA
“Perfect Paws provides such a rich and loving atmosphere that my dog didn’t want to come home!”

Newton, MA
“I would recommend Janie and Perfect Paws without hesitation. With her calm demeanor and kind nature, Janie created an instant bond with Sydney, my 7-year-old Cockapoo. I have found her and her staff to be reliable, enthusiastic and very responsible. They really love the animals they care for! I have had dog walkers and pet sitters in the past, but no one who are also certified dog trainers. Janie and her staff has lent her professional support by helping Sydney adapt to life in an apartment complex where many dogs share the same “turf.” Perfect Paws doesn’t just walk my dog, he is being trained each time they go out! As a result Sydney is calmer and more relaxed, and so is his owner.”

Chestnut Hill, MA
“Even before we brought home our gorgeous puppy we started asking around for good dog service recommendations. Perfect Paws came up over and over. Friends would say things like, “Our dog comes home so relaxed and happy, I know he had a great day!” Honestly, I used to wonder, how can they know if their dog is happy? After four friends, who don’t know each other, all raved about Perfect Paws we decided to give Janie a call. On the phone Janie was kind, patient, empathetic and thorough. We decided to give doggie daycare a try and from Scooby Doo’s first day with Perfect Paws, I understood what all those people who recounted their happy dog tales were talking about! We also love the daily report of Scooby’s activities. Since becoming a regular client of Perfect Paws we also board Scooby there when we travel. While we always appreciated that an hour of training is included in each day; it was during Scooby’s extended stays at Perfect Paws that we really recognized the benefit of it. The training was quite effective and Scooby’s ability to walk on a leash without pulling changed dramatically. Overall, we are grateful that our dog has such wonderful friends at Perfect Paws and that we have the peace of mind that he is well cared for, stimulated and happy while there. Joanne
Newton, MA
Canine Testimonial