Do you have a small pup who gets tired easily? Does outdoor daycare sound like a bitmuch for your itty-bitty companion? Perfect Paws offers Small Doggie Daycare for our smaller friends whose little legs may get tired out easily.

Small Doggie Daycare is held at our office facility in the Newton and includes plenty of outdoor and indoor play for your little canine. Dogs will get to play interactive games of fetch and chase, romp, meet friends their own size, play with lots of stimulating toys, socialize, and snuggle all day long! In addition, at the end of the day, small dogs get to take a fun field trip to Paradise Park, our off-leash, fenced-in park in Newtonville. There they will be able to gain familiarity with larger dogs in a safe, controlled environment that fosters trust among dogs!

Our Small Doggie Daycare program includes customizable training sessions to meet your dog at their own level as well as a complimentary brush out, aromatherapeutic coat spray, and daily communication log. Small Doggie Daycare is reserved for dogs 20 lbs. and under. Pet Taxi pickups (contact us to find out if you’re eligible) are from 8-9am and dropoffs are from 2-3pm.

For more info and prices, please contact us!