During our Playgroups, we will allow your dogs to engage in high-energy play off-leash in a fun, safe, and controlled environment for 45 minutes. Our staff matches up play partners based on size and personality. We hold playgroups in our large, fenced-in Paradise Park, allowing your dog to have room to run and play.

We reward good play behavior, interrupt rough play, and lead dogs in fun interactive games such as fetch, chase, and tug. We also provide on-the-go training sessions sprinkled throughout our playgroups to help dogs brush up on their basic commands. Dogs will work on their social skills and learn how to properly play with one another. We also believe that a tired dog is a happy dog and we guarantee your dog will come home exhausted after playgroup!

Do you have a small dog?
Don’t worry! Dogs of any size are welcome at playgroup! For our smaller friends, we give them the option of running with the big dogs or playing in a separate, smaller enclosure with pals their own size. Rest assured that your small friend will be safe with us and will have a blast playing, making friends, and participating in activities geared towards them!

For more information on playgroup times and for prices, please contact us!